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Friederike Vollert

Friederike Vollert

Friederike Vollert

Masterful baroque passages, operatic drama, lovely melodies or pastoral sounds – these many facets and possibilities for expression with my instrument have always fascinated me.
Within the framework of Freiraum Syndikat, I am able to explore how the recorder functions and sounds within a band: as a singing melody, a broad accompanying sound, or even as a rhythmic instrument. I also explore playing with electronic amplification.

The large field of improvisation, which is not only shaping jazz, but definitely also Baroque Music, is opening completely new perspectives for me.

What is worse than one recorder? Two.
Of course, Elisabeth and I always gladly meet this challenge: the clean and musically harmonizing interplay of two recorders. There is hardly anything more beautiful.

Friederike Vollert, born 1993 in Nürnberg, has been studying the recorder ever since the fall semester 2013/14 with Professor Myriam Eichberger at the University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar. She is arwardee of the international competition „Musica Antiqua 2017“ in Brügge 2017. Additional master classes with Dorothee Oberlinger, Han Tol, Maurice Steger, Paul Leenhouts, and Jeremias Schwarzer complement her schooling. Concerts in Early and Contemporary Music led her all the way to Austria and Italy. However, she performed mostly in central Germany as a soloist and with chamber ensembles. For example, she participated in The "Bach Biennale Weimar" and "The Central German Baroque Music Festival". She was also hired by the Nürnberg Philharmonic orchestra, the theatre in Gera- Altenburg, and performed during "The Thuringia Bachfestival" under direction of Helmuth Rilling. She currently receives a scholarship from Yehudi Menuhin "Live Music Now". In addition, she is supported through Deutschland Scholarship by the "Ernst-Freiberger-Foundation", and in November 2015 she received a development scholarship from the "Hans and Eugenia Jütting Foundation".