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Elisabeth Neuser

Elisabeth Neuser

Elisabeth Neuser

The low tones of the recorder especially appeal to me. I prefer all the larger instruments of the recorder family, and the lower the sounds the more I am at ease.

Therefore, in Freiraum Syndikat, I am most often given the role of creating a link between the homogenous sound of the two recorders and the cello and the guitar.

Elisabeth Neuser is a student of Myriam Eichberger at the University of Music Franz Liszt in Early Music. Her education as an artist and in pedagogy was expanded by one funded semester at the “Concervatorio di Musica” in Cosenza, Italy, which included master classes with Prof. Maurice van Lieshout, the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust quartet and Sergio Azzolini. Elisabeth also with conductors Helmut Rilling and Māris Kupčs.

Elisabeth’s studies also emphasize music of the European Renaissance. Thus, she founded the Ensembles Paradizo and is a permanent member of the Lachrimae Consort Weimar

Her project “An Innovative Recorder School” is supported by “Thuringia Graduate Development Scholarships”, and as small musical ensemble together with Friederike Vollert, she received a scholarship from the Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now Organisation.
Giving concerts and teaching define her everyday life, both of which influence and inspire each other.