Kurt Weill Festival 2018

LaBETTLEROPERa with Freiraum Syndikat & Balletto Civile in Dessau Kurt-Weil-Fest-2018
Photo: Sebastian Gündel


Our Premiere on Kurt Weill Fest in Dessau last sunday was a very successful project. The audience loved the show. The applause was frenetic. More than 850 people attended an inspring evening in perfect musical harmony as a highligt for the festival presented by the project Freiraum Syndikat on stage together with Balletto Civile in the production of Neuköllner Oper.

The international known composer Moritz Eggert wrote over 40 peaces - beautiful songs and dances for this new version of the beggar's opera. The idea of recomposing this plot is leaded by a multi-stilistic in musical, artistic and dramatic art.

It's one of the special moments where the audience is going to be divided into people who like to be surprised and people who try to compare to famous versions like Dreigroschen Oper by Kurt Weill.
The brave artists on stage won! Thanks to all contributors for this adventure.

It's the beginning of a new story for Freiraum Syndikat. We love to run this new possibilities!

Demo song on soundcloud: "It doesn't end like that" LaBETTLEROPERa

Songs im Radio

Die ersten Hörproben zum aktuellen Projekt Premiere 19. Oktober in Berlin sind da. Wir haben sie im Rahmen einer Radioveröffentlichung heute erstellt. Am Mikro waren die Sängerin Sophie Euskirchen und Christopher „Crsto“ Ciraulo zu Gast. Lukas Dreyer - Violoncello, Markus Fleischer - Jazz Gitarre, sowie Friederike Vollert und Miako Klein - Blockflöten haben den instrumentalen Part überneommen. Sabrina Schleußner hat die Aufnahme geleitet und abgemischt.
Soundcloud Playlist Demo La BETTLEROPERa